Tips for Overcoming Sales Objections

You were so sure that your company’s products or services would sell themselves that you weren’t prepared to hear the word “No” over the phone, or to see the negative response in terms of negative sales. But a sales objection doesn’t have to signify the end of the conversation. Here are some common-sense techniques for overcoming common objections you may encounter: (Guest Post)

“How do I know you’re for real?”

There’s no sidestepping this objection; you absolutely must confront it if you expect to gain the customer’s trust, without which there is no sale. The best response is to bury the objector in cold, hard facts. Make sure your website and print copy is chock full of testimonials from satisfied customers, an honest yet positive account of the company’s history and track record, and any white papers or case studies you can find to back up your credibility.

Open the books on your company’s past successes.

“I’m fine with what I’ve got.”

Some folks think it’s fine merely to keep up with the Joneses, while others have grown attached to their ancient product or so-so service and are afraid to make a change. If you’re selling to a business, try to fill the customer in on all the cutting-edge products and services their competitors are adopting, have adopted, or are likely to adopt in the near future. If you’re selling to a consumer, ask them if they really want to be the last guy on the block to get up to date. If you think the customer is just risk averse, ask them about the previous risks they took that paid off handsomely.

“Buying from your company is a hassle.”

Obviously no business ever wants to hear this objection, but once you do hear it, you need to get to the bottom of it. What exactly does the customer mean? Is your online store laid out in a clumsy or difficult-to-navigate way? Are your payment processes needlessly complex? Do your customer service agents answer questions clearly and pleasantly?

Work to make your online store attractive and user-friendly and ensure that payment processes are streamlined. It’s easier than ever to install shopping cart plugins directly onto your site, which means you can take credit card orders with near-invisible ease. Explore any and all complaints about customer service issues and strive to resolve the matters in a positive way.

Shopping plug-ins make online purchases easier.

Just as every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction, practically any objection a customer can dream up can spur a compelling, indisputable rebuttal. Listen to what your customer is telling you, pinpoint the underlying fear or anxiety,and address that objection in a way that inspires renewed confidence and the willingness to move forward. And if you truly have no good answer to an objection, whether it comes directly to you over the phone or indirectly via social media chatter, take that as a golden opportunity to make effective tweaks to your processes, products and services. Either way — you win!

William Reynolds has worked as a freelance copywriter since 1997. William specializes in website content, ghost-blogging, print marketing content and audio/video scripts.

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