Top 7 Tools That Will Help You Manage Your Time More Efficiently (+Bonus Video)

Excellent time management skills are crucial in practically every professional context. Knowing how to prioritize tasks and having a firm control over your schedule, you’ll find yourself becoming incredibly productive and will get more things done in a shorter time frame. Unfortunately, reality rarely looks so perfect – we tend to waste our time on blogs and social media, or devote a lot of time to activities that grant us disproportionally meek results.

We’ve got some good news – there’s a whole wealth of online tools that can help you manage your time more efficiently. Here are top 7 online tools that can potentially revolutionize the way in which you organize and execute your work.

1. Dropbox

Not exactly your first thought, right? Still, Dropbox allows you to store, access and sync your files from different devices. If you’re a mobile entrepreneur who finds it hard to keep up with all documents and files, this tool will help you efficiently manage your resources on the go. Even if you leave your laptop behind, you’ll still have access to all the documents crucial for your business.

2. Producteev

A task management software, Producteev will be helpful for managing your own workflow, as well as that of your team. If you’re running a big project, this kind of software allows you to break it up to tasks and sub-tasks, making it clearer for your comprehension. Working in a team, you can assign each task to a different team member. This way you won’t lose time answering questions about who gets to do what.

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an excellent tool for speeding up your internal and external communications. You can basically use it to foster real-time communication by means of instant messaging, without the need to pay for them like for SMS. The app works on every phone – from those running on Android and iOS to Windows and Blackberry. Even if you’re traveling or your team members reside miles away, asking questions, providing quick feedback and updating them won’t be a problem.


This is a smart app that helps you keep track of your business contacts. Instead of manually reviewing your history with a client before every meeting, you’ll have ONDiGO do it for you – it will automatically create a neat customer database on the basis of your calls, texts and e-mails, making up for an innovative and truly mobile CRM system.

5. Evernote

A classic note-taking app, Evernote will help you organize your notes and make all of them searchable by keywords. All your notes, images and pictures made by you on the go can be shared with your team members or clients with just a few clicks. When you lack inspiration or want to quickly jot down an important thought, Evernote is the perfect app to use.

6. Anti-Social

Ever found yourself losing hours reading Tweets or refreshing your Facebook feed? If you feel social media are eating up your time and making you unproductive, it’s time to take action now. This is a solution that will block distracting social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, as well as other pages specified by you as distracting.

7. RescueTime

Sometimes, the awareness of our behaviors is enough to motivate us and change them. This is a smart tool that will generate a report on all your daily web activities – this way you’ll learn how much time you’re spending on productive work and how much of it is lost on social media, blogs and news websites.


All the tools listed above can help you manage your time more efficiently in different contexts – eventually, helping you boost your own and your team’s productivity. It’s worth to look around and see whether there is a different online solution that will help you improve your time management skills or help you solve a specific problem you face in your everyday activities.

And a little bonus video 🙂

Monique Craig is a passionate blogger and marketing specialist who works for Oneflare, an online marketplace which connects customers with local service providers.

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