How to Boost Your Job Search – Using ONDiGO

The old adage goes ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ and hunting for a job is no different. Whilst the ONDiGO app (and other CRMs) are primarily used for business and creating contacts for new clients and customers, applying these principles to a job search can be beneficial for you. So here’s some help to organize yourself and improve your prospects of getting that job. (Guest Post)


Your Contacts are an important way of finding a new job. From friends and relatives, to old (not current!) work colleagues, there’s always the possibility that someone you know, knows of a position that needs filling. And one of the great ways of finding a role that is not currently available publicly is through recommendations from somebody who works there.

So go through your contacts and organize them into groups of people who can help you so you easily know who to contact!

By using the app, you can separate individuals into respective groups.  With the ability to rename any category, you can separate into potential employers, or old work colleagues that have moved on to pastures new.

Keep a Note of Everything from Helpful Notes…

You may be someone that forgets something, or gets a little flustered and not sure what to say or how to approach things. By writing little notes and having them to hand if you’re on the phone you can make sure that you’re set up and fully prepared to make the most out of the phone call.

With the option to take and use magic notes just before calling, you can remind yourself to ask about any open positions, or to give yourself that last little reminder about what to say or what to ask if you’re about to have a phone interview.

…To Reminders

Write anything down after being in contact with someone (either on the phone or in person) to ensure that you remember what’s just been said. Whilst you may have a great memory and think that you can remember the ‘little details’ if you’re busy job hunting it’s easy to forget. To follow up on the little details can make a massive difference that can get you that perfect job!

If you’re forgetful then making these notes can again make the difference – follow up to interviews, the date and time of interviews (It’s not a good impression of your organisation skills if you have to ask again for the time and date of an interview, or get the wrong time or date!) are all something that can improve your chances.

With the option to add these notes and reminders to your calendar or set yourself a task (buying a new outfit for your interview!) straight after a call, apps can help you make sure that you never forget anything important again.

Everything in One Place

There’s now a myriad of ways to contact people, either via email, text or just plain old phone calls and it can become a little confusing to work out what’s been said or where you’re up to when contacting friends or others about any potential jobs.

Having everything in one place (usually your phone!), you can easily work out and understand when you last contacted someone is a handy thing to do. You don’t want a situation where someone’s stuck there neck out for you and you don’t reply or turn up. Similarly with a potential new employer!

By using ONDiGO, the option to have all the contact you’ve had with each person on your phone will mean that you’re not going from app to app to find out what’s been said!

About the author: Adam Marsh works for  Adria Solutions – A Manchester-based IT recruitment agency.


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