Using PR to Generate Sales Leads

As a successful business owner, I’m sure you know that publicity can generate sales leads. Obviously the more people that know about your product or service, the more chances you have of netting leads and, of course, sales.

Sure, you’re socially engaged via Twitter and Facebook, doing your due diligence in engaging potential customers as best you can. And, if you know what’s best, you’re probably already using some form of email marketing, drawing current clients and customers back to your service again and again.  If in addition to these things you’re also investing in AdWords and PPC, give yourself a solid pat on the back.  Great jorb.

You know what, though?  Everyone’s doing those things.  Your feet-on-the-ground approach to netting new clients definitely needs an upgrade. (Guest Post)

Recent news from Reuters claims that Google has done a complete 360° on its previous stance on press releases and how they affect search rankings. Where a few weeks ago the search giant was claiming that press releases had no bearing whatsoever on search rankings, the report claims quite the opposite: that a press release, if written well, can, in fact, land you at the top of the search pile. So perhaps it’s time to reconsider how to best go about earning that coveted publicity.

The question is what kind of publicity do you want? Where should you focus your PR efforts? Most importantly of all, which potential customers are your targeting?

While the answers to these questions will vary based on the type of business that you have, you should still follow some general guidelines.

PR Tips 101:

The Right Place — Choosing media that your customer reads, watches or listens to is critical to driving sales. If you are an A/V company, perhaps you should look into online radio or commercials. If you sell farming equipment, consider advertising through your local Farm Bureau.  Find out where your customers find your business and use that source as a way to target new customers.
The Right Topic — When you are writing your press release, consider where you hope to have it printed and consider the audience. Perhaps you might want to show how your services or products can solve a problem or how your company has benefited a local community.
The Right Links — If your story gets picked up, share it through social media, your blog or your website. Write a guest post on another website to get your message to a wider audience.

Tips for writing a great press release:

* Catch people’s eye with your headline. Keep it between 60-80 characters for easy readability and refrain from using fluff or jargon.

* Follow the headline with the who, what, when, where, and why of your story. This is known as the 5W content and should be in your lead sentence.

* After the 5W content, include the next most important information and a quote. A great quote from a client can make a ho-hum press release into something special.

* To end the press release, include a brief description of the company and contact information so that the reporter can get in touch with you.


Have any other tips on how to bring up your sales numbers using PR? Talk to us in the comments.


 Written by Mickie Kennedy, author of The Advanced Guide to Writing Powerful Press Releases and the PR Fuel Blog.

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